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How it works

How? We’re glad you asked!
Once enrolled, members simply:

Get the latest Apple Watch Series or SE – for an initial payment plus taxes and optional upgrade fees

Apple Watch Series 3 initial payment $0.00
Apple Watch Series 8 or SE initial payment only $97.00

Get Active – track daily activity

Get Rewarded – earn points for Standard and Advanced Workouts to fund the balance of your Apple Watch!

Get an Apple Watch for $0* OR
Get a GARMIN Watch for $0*


Key Features

  • Competitive monthly premiums: Pay level premiums for 10 years, 20 years or to age 65
  • Quick, convenient online application and contract delivery
  • Quick and easy: fast underwriting, no needles or fluids and fewer medical questions means a decision will be made in as little as one business day in most cases
  • ​Ability to convert to permanent coverage without additional underwriting

Manulife family term life insurance is an affordable, flexible solution.

Coverage Examples


David is a 30-year-old non-smoker. He can get $500,000 of term protection for as little as $27 a month and he gets an Apple Watch 3 for $0.00 or an Apple Watch 7 or SE for only $97.00 plus tax.

If David dies, his loved ones get $500,000 tax-free!


Lisa is a healthy 30-year-old non-smoker. She can get $500,000 of term protection for as low as $20 a month and she gets an Apple Watch 3 for $0.00 or an Apple Watch 7 or SE for $97.00 plus tax.

If Lisa were to die then she would leave her loved ones $500,000 tax-free!

Examples are quoted as 10-year renewable terms at health style 3, non-smoker.

Types of Insurance

Manulife Vitality with Apple Watch Insurance

No Medical Life Insurance

Mortgage Insurance

Travel Insurance

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