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About CFS Wealth Management
Whether planning for your long and fruitful retirement, unlocking funds in times of hardship, or insuring your life and health, CFS Wealth Management Inc. offers a wide assortment of financial tools and a strong base of committed, well educated, experienced and motivated financial specialists.

Our objective is to guide our clients, no matter where the starting point may be, to achieving their goals moving forward. First we will spend time getting to know you with an emphasis on both your short term and your long term goals and dreams. With this information in mind we will lay out a blueprint of easy to follow steps to achieve these goals and we will stand by you throughout the process.

At CFS Wealth Management Inc. we proudly offer proven financial strategies to create, build, protect and transfer your wealth.


Debt can be lonely. Debt can be embarrassing. Debt can be hopeless. Debt can be defeating.

Thankfully, Debt can be overcome.

I started my career as a mortgage agent specializing in hard to place financing.

I spent countless hours working with my clients arranging for private financing during the hardest time of their lives after their banks had told them NO, we will not help you.

I soon added my investment & Insurance licence to my repertoire so I can help clients creating budgets and advising on their former employer pension plans and locked in accounts.

I have spent well over a decade advocating for my clients, helping them find their way back from debt.

For over a decade I have focused on helping my clients deal with debt.

Plain and simple.