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Manulife Vitality

Get insured. Get healthy. Get rewarded.

What is Manulife Vitality?

Imagine getting rewarded just for having an insurance plan and making healthy choices. Well, you don’t have to imagine it – because that’s exactly what Manulife Vitality is!

You get financial protection for your loved ones, while enjoying rewards – from gift cards to discounts to insurance savings. All you have to do is make simple, healthy lifestyle choices that may already be part of your life!

How It Works:

We’ve hinted at the points and rewards you can earn with Manulife Vitality, but now it’s
time to dig right into them!

What are Vitality Points?
You register, complete your Vitality Health Review, then what? Start earning points!

The opportunities are all around! In fact, your habits may already be healthier than you
think. From regular visits to the doctor and dentist, to choosing the stairs instead of the
elevator, every little move you make adds up. And Manulife Vitality helps you keep score
and earn rewards.

Get an Apple Watch from $0*

Once enrolled, you can:

1. Get an Apple Watch
Order your Apple Watch online for an initial payment plus any applicable taxes and upgrade fees for case and band selections.

2. Get active
Record your monthly activity using your Apple Watch* and the Manulife Vitality program mobile app to measure your activity and earn Vitality Points.

3. Get rewarded
The more points you earn monthly, the less you’ll pay! You can pay as little as $0 each month when you reach your weekly target through Standard or Advanced

For all of the details, download the Client Guide.


Rewards and Discounts

Program partners:

Active rewards and member offers:

Download the Client Guide!


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